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Strengths Based Approach

We aim to optimize your child’s strengths. It is important to acknowledge the strengths within a person and encourage building on those assets to pursue their goals. By focusing on the “whole-child” as opposed to just the areas of need, we aim to highlight your child’s areas of strength with the goals of improving their overall functioning or specific areas of interest. We want to facilitate confidence, resilience, and offer an opportunity to increase hopefulness and resourcefulness.

Evidence Based

Our Healthcare team uses only evidence-based practices that is informed by current research and expertise. This approach combines research with evidence based therapies and assessments to ensure the most effective outcomes and appropriate treatments.
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Holistic Hub

Our practice offers a one-stop place for all your child’s developmental needs. Our hub includes services for psychological assessments, psychoeducational assessments (including gifted), academic assessments, direct instruction, speech and language services, and occupational therapy.
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Family Focused

Our approach emphasizes care that is Family-centred, as opposed to individual-centered. This model ensures well-being of all family members through including families in decision-making and goal-making. The role of the family environment has a huge impact on the development of a child.
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