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Psychoeducational / Psychological Assessment

Behaviour is communication. Understanding a child’s learning profile can help to understand their behaviour and functioning. Here at Flourish on Queen, we are dedicated to identifying areas where your child may need assistance while employing a strengths-based approach.
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Academic Assessments

The first step towards an individualized learning plan for your child is an academic assessment. Conducted by our in-house psychological team or our Director of Education, this assessment will not only provide us with data about your child’s strengths, but also the areas that we need to focus in on when it comes to a learning plan that is specific to them.
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Direct Instruction

DI is a model for teaching that centers around carefully planned out and controlled instruction. The learning increments are small to ensure mastery of the content; only 10% of every lesson is new material.
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Educational Consultation

Navigating the school system is not easy - we know this reality firsthand! We have worked with many students and families, and you should know that if you feel like you need someone to bounce ideas off or to help you understand and work through a difficult situation, you are not alone. Read More

Individual and Group Academic Remediation

It can be worrisome when your child has difficulty in an area of speech and language. Our highly skilled clinicians trained in Speech-Language Pathology (S-LP) assessment and aim to address and treat communication difficulties your child might be experiencing.
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Speech and Language Therapy

It can be worrisome when your child has trouble communicating. We have skilled clinicians in Speech-Language Pathology (S-LP) assessment and aim to address and treat several communication problems your child might be experiencing. Our team will typically assess (either formally or informally) depending on your concern.
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Occupational Therapy

We offer treatment and assessments to assist children in developing the skills required for learning, socializing, and daily functioning. Occupational therapy (OT) for children can encompass extra assistance in reaching foundational and developmental milestones required for everyday tasks.
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