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Not all children learn the same. Direct Instruction (DI) is a model of learning that is highly structured, teacher directed, and individualized to target each child’s specific needs. Children are assessed and placed in programs at their specific skill level. Lessons are well developed and planned specifically for the child and completed in small learning increments. This model ensures the child masters the required skills and learning stages before moving forward.

What makes DI distinct from traditional teaching methods (such as a classroom environment) is the focus on the child’s development to determine areas and skills that need improvement. Our approach emphasizes a collaboration between parents, teachers, and our psychological services team.    

Reading Mastery is one of the Direct Instruction Programs. This program includes assessments and continuous monitoring of progress. Through our program, your child will receive support in achieving essential skills for learning and reading, such as emphasizing phonetic awareness, support with word and passage reading, vocabulary development, comprehension, and oral reading fluency.