Flourish On Queen

A Different Approach.

We’ve had a very busy 6 months getting Flourish up and running.  It’s been a lot of fun and we are learning a lot – about each other, about what our priorities are and about what is most needed in our community.  We have recently received some meaningful feedback from a few of our families about their experience at Flourish and we are feeling really proud of it:  

‘The care, kindness and professionalism of this team is quite something’

I get goosebumps when I read this quote because this is who we are striving to be… because we get it.  We know firsthand that there is nothing more important than caring and kindness when it comes to working with kids and families.  We know what it means when people really care; when the people we are receiving services from treat our kids like they are the most important kid in the world (because they are!).  This is our approach because this is what matters most. 

Flourish on Queen childhood cevelopment centre Toronto

When Marie and I met about 5 years ago, there was a spark (Marie is chuckling as she reads this) but it’s true!  There was something different about the two of us together.  We were (and still are!) living lives with our families that were different and not easy.  We were passionate about our careers from the inside out – we both committed our hearts to every child and family that crossed our paths in our work.  We were both dedicated to changing the lives of kids with different needs and their families in a positive and very personal way.  

Fast forward to this past summer when Flourish came to be - we found a spot that inspired us, and we began to put an incredible team of professionals together with the qualifications, skills and experience that were not only of the highest calibre but were the kind of team that we would want to work with as parents.  We took these invaluable ingredients and mixed them together with the special thing that is ‘Marie and Beth’ and here we are -  Flourish On Queen. 

When you contact Flourish and we say, ‘we are so happy you reached out to us’, we mean it.  We are eager to talk to you because we know we can help.  We never know exactly what that support will look like - everyone’s path is a little different - but we know that if we connect there will be something we can do together that will get you, your child and your family a step further on your journey. 

So, let’s talk. Marie tells me I say this all the time, but it’s true!!  Give us a call and tell us what’s happening.  We want to know what you need and we want to do everything we can to help your child and your family flourish.