Dee Thomson

Dee is a content creator, social media guru and digital marketer who loves to get creative with her clients. After graduating from The University of Western Ontario with a double major in Criminology and Sociology, life took her down a bit of a different path. She quickly fell in love with writing and creating content, starting with an internship at Glow Magazine which soon led to the creation of her blog, A Dash of Dee, in 2011. Since then she has also put on her digital marketing shoes, with several years of community management, freelance content creation and writing, social media management and public relations experience under her belt. Dee continues to blog (she celebrated her 10th year of blogging in 2021) and loves working with brands to help their voices get heard in a busy digital space.

Dee is excited to join the team and will be working hard to help Flourish, well, flourish (need we say more?) as we create an amazing space where families can grow with us.